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Fondation Suisse du Service Social International (SSI) Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc

!!! FINISHER !!!

Run for Children 2010
Olivier at the 81<sup>st</sup> kilometre with Ludo, a member of his support team
Olivier at the 81st kilometre with Ludo, a member of his support team

Olivier’s challenge was to finish the race. He achieved his goal in 17hrs 51 min.*

After 98 kilometres of effort and 5'600 meters of positive elevation, Olivier arrived at 4:52 am in Chamonix.

The race conditions were good even though all participants suffered from the heat during the first part of the day. It’s one of the reasons why many failed to finish. (More than 2000 runners were on the start line, only 1318 completed the race...)

!! Fantastic : 19'557. – SFr. are promised !!
(around 12’300 euros)

A big thank you to all for having supported this initiative morally and financially.

You can pay your donation with the bank details below. Thanks in advance !

The money will be used for the reinsertion of child victims of trafficking and other exploitations in West Africa. By the end of the year, we will inform you more in details on how the money was spent.

Account West Africa by Banque Cantonale de Genève (BCGe) :
U 3302.05.47
IBAN : CH58 0078 8000 U330 2054 7
Bank clearing / CB : 788
CCP : 12-1-2
International Social Service (ISS)
Swiss Foundation
10, rue Alfred-Vincent
1201 Geneva, Switzerland &
*Ranking : 108th out of 2000+ starters, 9th Swiss competitor / 60th in category (senior male) out of 494 runners (4th Swiss). Fiche Coureur
Help us collect funds for child victims of exploitation
« Help us collect funds for child victims of exploitation »


Swiss Foundation of the International Social Service (ISS)

ISS is a Swiss NGO founded in 1932 and member of an international network represented in 140 countries. It provides support to children and families confronted to social and legal issues in a transnational context. Since the ratification by Switzerland of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, our main purpose is to support its implementation.

Additionally, the Foundation supports projects for children who are not raised in their own families, for example, those who are in residential care or are victims of trafficking or exploitation. These projects are conducted in transition and developing countries (notably in Eastern Europe and in West Africa).

Olivier Geissler


Olivier Geissler, is a 36 year old Project Officer at ISS Swiss Foundation since 2002. He is responsible for the development projects the Foundation runs abroad. A big fan of mountain running, Olivier wants to use his participation in a famous mountain race to collect funds for child victims of exploitation in West Africa.
More information on this project can be found at
ISS in West Africa


The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® :

To run around Mont-Blanc (the highest peak in Central Europe) in a single stage while passing through three countries!

Starts 29th August 2008 at 11:00 am from Courmayeur in Italy, continuing through Champex, Switzerland and finishing in Chamonix in France (course CCC®). This Ultra-Marathon covers 98 kms with an altitude change of 5’600m. and has to be completed within 26 hours.

The aim of the race isn’t to beat records but to finish the race within the bestowed time to be a «finisher».

CCC profile


You can register to sponsor the kilometres Olivier will run (see form below).


The entire collected sum will be invested in individual projects towards the reinsertion of child victims of trafficking and other exploitations in West Africa.

More over your contribution is tax deductible !

No administrative or management fees will be deducted.


Contact : Daniel, / + 41 22 731 67 00

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